Danielle Hanson, LPN

Admissions Coordinator, Wound Nurse, Project Coordinator

Danielle has worked at this community since 2013 through it's transition to Maple Ridge Care Center in 2015.  She has been in long term health care since the age of 16, startin out in the dietary department of a nursing home in Siren. From there, Danielle became a CNA and went on to pursue a nursing degree.  She started nursing school in the fall of 2004 and went on to earn an associate's degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse.  She also has continuing education credits for wound care.


Danielle says her favorite part of her job is being one of the first to make a personal connection when someone who comes to Maple Ridge for care and making people feel comfortable.  She also enjoys the challenge of observing and treating wounds.  "It is especially gratifying to me when I can officially say a wound has resolved and the patient recovers from that condition," says Danielle.