Rehab therapy and skilled nursing

Did you know you can get quality rehab therapy and long term skilled care at Maple Ridge Care Center? Prehab (therapy prior to hip or knee replacement) can help reduce recovery time. And therapy following surgery, illness or injury can help you get back to an independent lifestyle fast. Occupational, speech and physical therapy is often covered by Medicare and private insurance.  Call us today for more information!

What else makes us special?

It's the people! From the thorough and caring intake staff, to the leadership of our administrator and competent business office staff, to our dedicated nurses, CNAs and rehab therapists, our creative activities director, and the daily housekeeping, dietary and maintenance staff, we're all here working for you to make sure you or your loved one receive the best care possible in a warm, home-like setting.  Meet our team. 

We're a nonprofit WISH community

Our mission is to provide the highest quality healthcare services to seniors which we've been doing successfully for decades. You can help! Click here to find out how you can help support our mission of serving seniors through a financial donation or the donation of your time or other resources.