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Rehab therapy success patient can't wait to go fishing

A crazy turn of events last November led Bill C. to where he is today. He recalls it all started when he came home one night from hunting. He had eaten spaghetti that night and a short while later he developed stomach cramps and pain. His first thought was that it might have been food poisoning. When the pain became unbearable, he called his son Russ, then called 911 and was sent by ambulance to St. Croix hospital.

At the hospital, Bill struggled to keep food down and was diagnosed with a bowel obstruction. He went through laparoscopic surgery to repair the obstruction. Doctors were hopeful that this would work, and Bill was sent to a nursing facility for rehab and recovery.

During his time there, he was still having difficulty keeping food down. He lost about 40-50 pounds. At some point he tested positive for COVID-19 which may have caused complications. Because things were not improving as hoped following surgery, he was sent to a larger hospital in St. Paul.

There Bill had 6-8 inches of his lower intestine removed, removing the area that was causing the trouble. After this major surgery, Bill decided to come to Maple Ridge Care Center in Spooner for recovery and rehab.

Bill says he would highly recommend Maple Ridge Care Center to others. He said the food is good and hot, and the ice water is replenished often. He said, “The BBQ pork sandwiches are out of this world!” He had nice things to say about the Maple Ridge team too. “You have all done good - no complaints,” said Bill.

The Maple Ridge rehab department, headed by Amy Scribner, Therapy Manager, completed a home assessment for Bill when he was preparing to discharge home. During a home assessment, patients are asked to go through what a typical day looks like at home. This gives the rehab team an idea of what we still need to work on and allows us to see if certain equipment will be beneficial. Equipment can include things like shower benches, grab bars, toilet risers, etc. Bill’s home assessment was a success, and we came back to the facility that day to make discharge plans.

A few days after the home assessment, Bill reported increased pain and discomfort in his left leg. When it did not subside, he was sent to the ER and it was determined that he had a small blood clot as well as gout flare up. This was a minor setback, and Bill continued to push to do his therapy. After a few days he was feeling better and was eventually allowed to put weight on his leg again. He worked his way back to independence at Maple Ridge Care Center and plans to return home soon with home health services and family support.

After his return home, Bill said he looks forward to “fishing for sure!” He’s also looking forward to frying and eating fresh fish and visiting with neighbors again. He is thankful for the care received at Maple Ridge Care Center but is happy to be going home. We have enjoyed getting to know Bill. We will miss him, and we all wish him well.

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